Island Shangri-la Gym Pool_175644

Hotel gym: Island Shangri-la Hong Kong

As one of my favourite hotels in Hong Kong, I can’t believe I’ve never seen its pool or gym before. Until last weekend, at least. We chanced upon it after going to the Conrad and discovering how small and ugly (and shaded) it was, so decided to pop next door and try our luck at the Island Shangri-la pool. Normally reserved for hotel guests only … Continue reading Hotel gym: Island Shangri-la Hong Kong

Mano Cafe Salad Hong Kong_134133

All you can eat salad at Mano Cafe

Another lunch idea in Central — Mano Cafe at L Place has this salad bar where you can stuff your salad box with as much as you can, for just HK$98. For those dining in, this translates to ONE visit to the salad bar (recalling those bygone days of the Pizza Hut salad bar — ahh, memories…). The selection is quite good with everything is presented in little silver … Continue reading All you can eat salad at Mano Cafe

BerryTime winner announced!

We have a winner! Thanks to everyone who entered the #HealthyHKBerryTime giveaway. The lucky winner is … @homeidoh!! Congrats to the winner of the #healthyhkberrytime giveaway, @homeidoh! Please email us at for prize details. Thanks to all who entered and @berrytimeasia for the goodie box! #Repost @homeidoh with @repostapp ・・・ summer salad on our balcony #bbq #shrimp #mango #spinach #cheese #panini #sandwich #rose #wine #homemade … Continue reading BerryTime winner announced!


Shrimp and mixed bean salad at Marks & Spencer

It’s been a while since I ate at M&S, but I managed to grab this shrimp salad on-the-go the other day. It’s a small sized salad for when you just need something to keep going, and quite tasty with the accompanying teriyaki sauce. The beans and grains weren’t too heavy (mix of chewy grains and edamame) and the shrimp was fresh. It sells for HKD68 … Continue reading Shrimp and mixed bean salad at Marks & Spencer


Vegetarian fine dining at Vegelink

If you’ve never been to Vegelink, you’re in for a treat (especially if you’re vegetarian!). No more wondering, “Can I eat that?” — everything here is safely vegetarian, even if it looks deceptively meat-like. The restaurant has pretty amazing dim sum on the weekends (review coming soon) but I was recently there for a set dinner of about 8 courses, and waddled out with a bunch of … Continue reading Vegetarian fine dining at Vegelink


Hotel gym: InterContinental Danang, Vietnam

I recently went to Danang in Vietnam for a long weekend and stayed at the gorgeous InterContinental resort. The gym is located underneath their swimming pool, and next to the Long Bar. It’s got a good variety of cardio equipment (treadmills, elliptical, bikes) and weights. Nothing too special but one gripe was that their mats were quite thick and slippery… Especially when sweaty. The gym … Continue reading Hotel gym: InterContinental Danang, Vietnam


Review: Biona organic rye bread with chia and flax seed

I normally love rye bread, but I do not love this particular brand of rye bread. It is dry and quite hard from the get-go, unlike the more moist and chewy rye breads I am used to… Just a warning for those thinking of trying it! Bought at Just Green on Graham Street in Soho for HKD45 or so. Continue reading Review: Biona organic rye bread with chia and flax seed


Buying Quorn in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for Quorn in Hong Kong, there’s a small shop in North Point that sells it and a variety of other imported goods like sauces, sodas and frozen meat. It’s called SuperStan and it actually has 3 locations in North Point, Jordan and Yuen Long! Besides Quorn, I also noticed their water-grown veggies for salad. They are apparently grown in Hong Kong without … Continue reading Buying Quorn in Hong Kong

Zumufi Hong Kong main image

Zumufi – a new smoothie shop in Sheung Wan

With the crazy hot weather lately, there could be no better time for Zumufi to arrive. Yes, the name is a bit funny (zumufi = smoothie, get it?) but the concept is actually quite good. The tiny shop on Wing Kut Street in Sheung Wan opened at the end of June and serves a small menu of smoothies and paninis. To be honest, it’s quite hard to … Continue reading Zumufi – a new smoothie shop in Sheung Wan

A Happy (Cow) Birthday cake

For my birthday this year, my man got me a very special (and very healthy) custom-made cake by Peggy at Prune Organic Deli & Workshop and Grassroots Pantry. I follow her on Instagram but I must’ve missed her post, so it was a really nice surprise when it was unveiled at a rather unhealthy spot (Tung Po, haha). The cake is two thick layers of vegan, … Continue reading A Happy (Cow) Birthday cake